The Complete Guide to Buying Girl's Dresses

buying girls dresses

Shopping for your little diva can be a fun-filled experience if you know what you are in the market for, but it can be equally frustrating and traumatic when you don't know how to go about it. Reading this guide with would help you make sensible decisions regarding clothes buying.

Little girls love dressing up like their moms. They fantasize wearing shiny, glamorous clothes and parade themselves in front of the mirror trying all kinds of makeup accessories when their moms are not looking. They imagine themselves to be beautiful princesses. That’s why when you are shopping for your little girl, you have to make careful and thoughtful decisions. Whether you are shopping for casual wear, themed dresses or party wear, you've got to be aware of certain basic shopping factors, including keeping in mind the preferences of your child.

Little girls' dresses come in a variety of styles, designs, materials and cut. Have a look at some of the different types of girl's dresses that you can buy:

Casual Wear

casual wear

Casual wear clothes can be worn at anytime, as long as they go with the season. It is because of this reason that casual clothes are divided into summer dresses, winter wear and spring clothes. Summer and spring wear are chic, vibrant and very colorful. They may or may not have sleeves. Depending on what is in fashion you can have huge polka dots, stripes, floral designs or gingham. During spring, it would be advisable to pack a cardigan or a shrug along with the casual wear when you are going somewhere, because the temperatures might drop without warning. You can also add in a shower-resistant outerwear if you are expecting a shower while travelling. In the winter, instead of dressing her up in all the winter drabs, how about layering her in sunshine shades? They would make her lovely and attractive, wouldn't it? 

Party Wear Dresses

 Little girls are made of candies and sugar and you can add a “plum” by getting her the right type of party wear. Prep up the little party goers with the best on offer this season and dress her in sparkling frocks and formal fancies that would make the little cherubs trendy and stylish. The trends this season would make your princess glow, thanks to the festive designs and embellished dresses.  When you are shopping for party wear, you can choose dresses depending on the theme of the party; it could be a wedding, a birthday party or any event that your family is attending. For birthday parties and weddings, you have to dress according to the theme, so shopping must be done accordingly. Once you know what theme you are shopping for, you can buy a dress and matching accessories quite easily. Party dresses can be chosen depending on the type of function and venue.

Dresses for School Functions  

Dresses that you would be choosing for school functions would comparatively be modest and less frilly when compared to wedding or birthday party wear.  Some schools insist on girls wearing dresses that fall below the knee. And they do not prefer that the dresses be too vibrant and colorful, but rather match the theme of the function. 

 Birthday Party Dresses

birthday party

For a birthday party, you will naturally have to choose a dress that matches the theme of the party.  It could be a pirate theme, fairy tale, cartoon characters and so on. You will also have to get matching accessories that complement the theme. 

Wedding Day Dresses


 Choosing wedding day dress for your diva is not going to be easy at all. For one, it has to be stylish and integrated with the latest designs. Next, it must be comfortable enough for your baby so she can wear it comfortably for 4-5 hours. And finally, you will have to consider the role your little diva will be playing. Is she going to be a bridesmaid, or a flower girl? If there is a theme for the party, then naturally you will be restricted for color choice. If not, cream, beige, red, light grey, pale pink are all colors that would make little girls dazzle.

 Festival Wear

festival dress

 Buying festival fashion clothing would of course be dependent on what kind of festival it is – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, various Indian festivals and so on. Theme it accordingly, but it would be a good idea to dress your daughter in easy-to-spot colors if you are participating in an outdoor festival. That way, you will be able to spot her if she wanders off.  A word of advice: if you are going for a festival where you have loud, blaring music then protect your baby's ears with ear defenders. 


It goes without saying that nightwear should be as comfortable as possible. Even for nightwear, you can plan a theme and buy accordingly. For example, Pooh nightwear, Superman night dresses, Doraemon night clothes and so on.  

Formal Dresses

formal dress

Depending on the customs, functions and events in each country/religion, you have to purchase formal clothes for your daughter. You need to shop considering the occasion your daughter would be wearing it to - christening, baptism, first communion, evening social party, graduation party in the family and other formal occasions. 

Smocked Dresses 

 Smocked dresses have been around right from the Middle Ages. This is an embroidery technique that has been extremely popular all around the world, but a bit pricey. You can buy smocked dresses here at Trends and Me at reasonable rates. These dresses can double as casual wear and party wear as well. Some people even wear smocked dresses to formal occasions. Buying a high quality smocked dress would thus be a good option for you if you cannot afford to buy separate dresses for each occasion.

Kids Pageant Dresses

Kids Pageant Dresses 

You can buy an interesting variety of pageant dresses ranging from organza skirts, Cinderella  gowns, sleeveless dresses to tulle dresses and more. They come with all kinds of lovely embellishments including sequins, beading and ruffles. Your beautiful diva can wear these dresses for any occasion.

Ethnic Wear

 Little girls have their opinion on what kind of clothes they want and would wholeheartedly agree when you shop for classy ethnic wear. Your daughter would look lovely on those exquisite lehenga choli sets, swanky anarkali suits, elegant silk kurtis and dashing Patiala suits. Each of these dresses exude the interesting culture and style about the places from where they originated (different places in India) and hence, have a different charm of their own. For example, Patiala suits are infused with a vibrant Punjabi culture that you cannot resist loving.

These dresses would be perfect for traditional festivals and celebrations; and the embellishments in the dress are least irritating for the child. Parents shop for them because they are comfortable, breathable and can be worn during all seasons. They double as party wear and formal wear as well. As they are quite different from body clinging western garments, would hit off well with your child as well. 


Indo-Western fashion is all about the good things from both worlds. You have the stunning ethnic wear blended seamlessly with the high sense, style and ensemble of western wear for little girls. Add the right kind of jewelry and shoes, and you’ve got her picture-perfect. These dresses highlight the exclusive features of both Indian and Western, making them absolutely irresistible for parents. If you want to give your little diva a lovely ethnic wear with a Western touch to it, here is where you shop. Indo-urban dresses are fashioned out of a range of fabrics like silk, brocade, nylon, cotton, jacquard, lined and polyester. You can watch your daughter strut around with an iconic statement of her own.  As they can be worn for weddings, parties and other events, you can make them as colorful and vibrant as you wish.

 Size Guidance While Shopping & Taking Measurements

Little girls grow quickly so when you are shopping for them, make sure you are buying 1-2 sizes bigger than what they actually need now.

You must also learn how to measure for your child's clothing.

Height - Measure the height of your child right from the top to the bottom. Ensure she is not wearing any footwear and tell her to stand with her feet and heels together. Of course, and no stooping or hunched shoulders. Use a measuring tape to gauge her height. Jot it down

Inside leg - Next, you can measure her inside leg with her footwear on, keeping the tape 5 centimeters above the ground. Note the measurement.

Collar - You know where the collar sits so use the tape and take the measurement of the base of her neck, keeping extra room for easy breathability. Keep a record.

Chest - Take measurement of her chest by looping it through her arms. Make sure she is not wearing any bulky clothes as this would hinder with the exact parameters.

Waist - When you take measurement of her waist, remember not to loop it too tightly.

Hips - Take hip measurements by looping the tape around the fleshiest part of her hips. Hip measurements should be accurate for form-fitting dresses. This is not compulsory for A-line skirts.

Accessorizing Makes a Dress Complete


You have bought a beautiful dress for your baby and now it is time you bought her matching accessories to accentuate the dress and your baby's look. Choosing the right accessories for your child's outfit would of course be dependent on the theme of the event. If it is just casual wear, you can get matching hairdos, shoes and jewelry to go with it. Purchasing accessories is not in the least troublesome because you get them at any boutique or clothes store. A simple accessory can transform the entire look of your baby's outfit, no doubt about it. You can get jackets, shrugs and cardigans if you are going to a colder place. It would not only make the dress stylish, but would also mild protection from the cold.

Shoes are a different category in itself because you have to be aware of a number of things when you are getting them for your baby. Here are some of them:

1. Always remember to get the right shoe size for your baby. Children grow amazingly fast. Just like you buy a dress that is at least a size bigger than what your child is wearing now, you must be careful with the shoe size as well. Measure the size of your child's feet by tracing its outline on a piece of paper. Most online stores have charts that would help you find the shoe size for your baby. The size preferences would depend on the store.

2. If the child is very small it is not advisable to buy plain sandals. Shoes with backing would not only provide protection to the child's feet, it would also remain fastened on the feet and not fall off when she plays.

3. Ensure the shoes have excellent grip and traction.

4. Shoes with patterned or textured soles would be the ideal choice. Young children might not have completely developed co-ordination skills; shoes with excellent traction will prevent falls. 

5. It would be advisable to wear shoes with flexible soles. Shoes with stiff soles might inhibit growth.

6. Of course, it goes without saying that your baby must wear breathable, easy to put on shoes.

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