7 Tips to Organize Your Kids Wardrobe

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Having kids is all fun and joy, and shopping clothes for them is also thrilling, but when it comes to organizing their wardrobe, parents are at a loss. They are beside themselves with despair when they see the recently organized wardrobe going into disarray, looking least like what it was a few minutes ago. Certain houses take the likes of a battleground. Well, if it has happened with your daughter, her intention was not to hurt you; she was simply searching for her favorite dress/hat. In order to prevent such things from happening in your house, you must organize her wardrobe. Have a look at some of the simple tips that would keep the wardrobe neat and orderly at all times. It would keep you happy, your wardrobe neat and your child pleased:

1. Remove everything and try again

You might have organized your kid's wardrobe recently; perhaps a day ago, but if it got disorganized in just under a minute, then you are back to square one. Re-organizing might take you a good part of the day (depending on how many kids you have, the clothes they have and how many wardrobes you are going to redo) so you can send your child on a play date or perhaps get someone to help you. The first step would be to remove everything from the cupboard. You have to do the organizing in a different way; so start from the beginning.

2. Bring in lots of hangers and the rest of the stuff


Take all the dresses and tops and put them in hangers. Bring in plenty of colored baskets, sticky notes and colorful pens. If you have a cupboard to spare, then dedicate it wholly to her clothes. If you have more than one child, then you can divide the space between the two. These colored baskets and sticky notes would help identifying whose things are kept where.

3. Removing all the clothes that she has outgrown


If you have not organized her clothes properly in a while, but had been just folding and placing them on shelves after they came back from laundry, then it is time you sort them. Remove all the clothes that she has outgrown or doesn't wear anymore. Remove all the accessories that belong to the discarded clothes as well. If there are any “outgrown dresses” that are not damaged, then sort them and place them in boxes so you can give them away. If your child has a younger sister, then you can probably store it for her. But don't leave them in the cupboard now as that will only take up space. Neatly label the boxes like "storage clothes" and "give away clothes" so by the time you are done with arranging, you will know what is what.

4. Sort her socks and underwear in different baskets and label them

If you have plenty of drawers in the cupboard then you can delegate one for socks, another for underwear, a separate one for jewelry and so on. Once you have sorted them all neatly, place labeled sticky notes on them for quick identification. If it is for very young children, you can write in big letters or paste pictures or place graphic labels.

5. Sorting her clothes according to season


Naturally, your child would be dressing as per the season. So arrange dresses in such a way that she doesn’t have to rummage through summer clothes to wear a dress in the winter. Arrange the wardrobe according to the season so it will be easier for her to choose a dress herself, making her self-reliant.

6. Storing toys and video games

If you do not have much space in the children's bedroom to store their toys, then you can store them in the cupboard. Once you sort and organize their wardrobe, everything will be orderly and you can actually dedicate a plastic shoebox to store their dolls and doll accessories, video games and so on. Place them at the foot of the wardrobe, so they won't get underfoot at any time. You can teach your kids to put away one set of toys before they start playing another set. This would bring order in their bedroom as well.

7. Create a structure in the wardrobe


These days you can buy kid furniture for your children's bedroom. But if you don’t want to invest in a kid’s wardrobe, then make do with the one currently in their bedroom. If the rods in the cupboard are high enough for your child to access, you can bring down the rod, or bring in some hanging canvas shelves. Hanging canvas drawers would also be good enough for storing underwear and pajamas. Keep the top most portion of the wardrobe dedicated to items that they don't use frequently. Structure the wardrobe in such a way that her daily wear clothes (complete with her matching shrugs, cardigans, skirts and jeans) would be within her arms reach.

If you want to involve your child in the organization process, do so by all means. When you involve her, she would be motivated to keep her wardrobe neat and tidy daily.  Organizing is easy. You can finish it within a few hours, but maintenance is tough, because you have to remember the order and keep everything neat and tidy so they don’t get jumbled. If they do, you will have to start organizing again.

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