Summer Clothing Tips for Kids

summer clothing tips for kids
Summer is here already and with it would start the frequent jaunts to the beach, the rush to savor all flavors of ice cream and of course the most awaited sport of all – a dip in the swimming pool. Just as your kid’s lifestyle is going to change during the summer, so will your dressing style. Kids need to be comfortable because school will be out and it is not easy keeping them indoors. So here are some simple clothing tips that would make summers look "cool" and "fun-filled" for your daughter.

Light and Loose Makes it Easy

Throughout the summer, it is important to keep your daughter dressed in light colored, loose fitting clothes. That's the general trend. But if you are going out for a “day at the beach”, then bright colors would look lovely. Just make sure there aren't any synthetic colors on the dress that may smear on her skin once she sweats/gets wet. Light colors reflect heat, so she won't feel so hot.

Denim Shorts are an All Time Favorite

Have a pair of denim shorts (any colors) in your daughter's wardrobe all the time. Pair them with a floral T-shirt and a stylish sleeveless denim jacket and you have a beautiful “fashionista” strutting around.

Cotton is the First Choice

cotton dress

Cotton is the best fabric to beat the summer heat. This natural fabric breathes, so her skin will not feel sweaty and suffocated. Cotton can absorb sweat so it won't be running down her back and legs making irritated and uncomfortable. 100% cotton would actually make the skin cooler and allow the sweat to evaporate. Cotton clothes are absolutely stylish and trendy.

Short Skirts and Half Pants are in

half pants

Your daughter would look absolutely adorable in short skirts and half pants. A loose fitting short sleeve top would go well with them. These would make her skin breathe and provide comfort. Avoid cardigans if it makes her hot. Shorts are also good, especially the easy to pull on ones.

Retrieve that Huge Sun Hat

girl with cap

Keeping your child indoors for the summer is an impossible task, so it is time you dug out that sun hat from the cupboard and ensure your child wears it when she goes out to play. A hat is the perfect accessory for protecting her face. However, it should be a perfect fit, and should not block her vision or fly off her head when she runs. Summer hats are no longer the old, clichéd, boring variety; you can always choose hats that match with her attire. Those would make her cute and adorable. You can also try a cap, visor or sunglasses too. Make sure the sunglasses have UV protection.

Are Her Clothes Sun-Blocked?

Her clothes should have sufficient UPF protection. A shirt that is rated UPF 20 means that only 1/20th of the sun is allowed through her clothes. Similarly, look up the tag for each dress that you buy for your daughter. The higher the UPF rating, the better it would be able to block out the sun's harmful UV rays. A dress that says UPF 50+ means it can block 98% of the UV rays.


Flip flop sandals may be an attraction during the summer, but those could get your child's foot stubbed or bruised when she plays. Shoes or waterproof sandals with flexible soles would be ideal for the summer. Just ensure that she wears cotton socks with the shoes.

Ready for the Night

Summer clothing would be incomplete without adequate nightwear. Some children tend to run warm during their sleep; if your daughter is one of them, then light cotton pajamas would be perfect. If your daughter is a toddler, a onesie would be ideal.

Finally, no Sun Kissed Skin, Please

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It is also better to protect the skin as much as possible to prevent sunburns. Of course, you can apply a healthy dose of sunscreen before she goes out to play.  Not only would it protect her skin against rashes and burns, but it would also be good for preventing skin cancers.

Summer is the time to choose eternally casual attire, so make sure she is comfortable in new and trendy clothes. Bad choice of clothing can bring allergies to her skin, so be careful, always! While you dress her appropriately, give her plenty of fluids as well.

One last tip:

Summer clothing that has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of 20 or less than that will offer no protection for her. Even certain white T-shirts gives off an SPF of only 10 when it is dry, and offers absolutely no protection when wet.  You can apply sun guard when you wash her clothes. A good quality (because it is a chemical product) sun guard would give a protection of SPF 30 for almost 20 washes.

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summer clothing tips for kids

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