Fun Easter Activities for the Kids

Fun Easter Activities for the kids

Easter is round the corner, and a time when you have guests and friends at home. It would also be the best time to keep your child engaged in various activities, including piquing their interest in animals. The preparations for Easter celebrations begin quite early in the month of March, and most people would finish their preparations a week before Easter. Shopping for Easter goodies is also fun for little children. They would definitely like to contribute their share as well, so you can plan these simple activities with them:

Countdown to the Easter Egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Image by Abraxas3d  via Flickr

All that you need to do to prepare the countdown is to have an empty egg carton, number stickers and some paper grass. Now fill the eggs with treats and number them. Get all the children in your family together and tell them to crack the eggs; the gift will be theirs. 

 Making Easter cards

easter cards

Image by tachi. via Flickr

If your child is very young, you can easily get them to make Easter cards.You might need the following to make the cards in different colors:

  • Felt paper in different colors
  • Tissue paper, also of different colors
  • Ribbons
  • Buttons
  • Sequins and rhinestones
  • Paints, crayons and sketch pens
  • Ready made plain cards that you can buy from your local craft shop
  • Feathers 

 Now you can let your creativity flow and help your child design, draw and color Easter bunnies and pictures and paste them on the cards. 

 Cardboard Easter chicks

cardboard easter chicks

Image by amy via Flickr

You can use the same things listed above to make cardboard Easter chicks. Help your child make chick outlines on the cardboard, stick feathers and felt paper for eyes, nose and beak. Of course, you can improvise as per your creativity. 

Photography inspired cards

These days, children are passionate about taking photographs. Give your camera to your daughter, so that she can click pictures of Easter decorations at the local stores and make cards with the same. If you have a printer at home, you can get these pictures printed, so she can make her own photo cards.

The Egg-shaped Bunny

Egg Shaped Bunny

Image by Jenny S via Flickr

The egg-shaped bunny is an important part of Easter celebrations. With a little bit of help from you, your daughter would be able to make a stunning Easter egg. Things you need for making an Easter bunny:

  • Joggle eyes (2)
  • Deco foam egg shape
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard scraps (various colors)
  • Paint (Pink or purple would be ideal)
  • Marker pens (black and mauve)
  • Paint brush 
How to make:
  1. Paint the lower part of the egg in pink or purple. Now make two ears with the white cardboard and fashion out the inner ears, soles of the feet and six toes with the pink cardboard. 
  2. Use the marker to draw the nose and mouth of your bunny. Stick the joggle eyes. Now glue in all the rest - the inner ears, soles of feet and toes. 
  3. Now use the pink cardboard to make a make-shift stand for the bunny to sit.
  4. Wait for it to dry.

 Easter Teacups

Easter Tea Cups

If you have last year’s left over Easter cups, you can improvise them and make teacups. Take half eggs and stick rhinestones, glitter or sequins on them, and attach a cardboard handle on each half egg. Next, you can glue each half-egg teacups on small saucers. This is a very simple activity, but greatly enjoyed by kids.

Chicks in a row

Cute and adorable, chicks in a row would be a great choice if you want to gift something to your guests during Easter. It would look even cuter if your kids do it. The best thing is that it is very easy to make. There are different patterns for making this; you can download your favorite pattern from the Internet and get additional things like felt paper, thread and craft wire from the local downtown store and make it.

The Inevitable Easter Tree

Easter Tree

Image by Vicky Hill via Flickr

Making an Easter tree is simple. Let her pick a branch with twigs on it. She can cut off some of the twigs if she doesn’t want too many “on her tree”. You can help her wrap the branches and twigs with wool; she can leave out some twigs if she wants it that way. Place the branch on to a pot filled with sand, so it would stay in place. You can now guide your daughter to hang the Easter eggs that she’s made.

Making an Easter Bunny mask

Easter Bunny Mask

Image by Alpha via Flickr

Easter bunnies are cuteness personified and kids find them adorable. You can help your child make an Easter bunny mask because it is a famous play resource, and older children would definitely love making this for their younger siblings. Here is a simple way to do this:

  • Paper plates (white or cream)
  • Light colored paint (brown or pink)
  • Pencil, scissors and eraser
  • Felt pen
  • Stapler
  • Any round shaped object, preferably, a cup
  • Drinking straws (6)
  • Elastic
  1. Painting the paper plate brown or pink is the first step
  2. After the paint is dry, divide the upper portion of the bunny and draw its facial features. You can use the cup to get the proper round shape
  3. Refer to a guide that shows you how to draw a bunny using the eraser to rub out unwanted lines that mar the picture
  4. Once the bunny is drawn, you can color the nose. Then cut out the mask shape. 
  5. In this mask, only the top part of the bunny will be used, so you can cut away the bottom part
  6. Cut out bunny shaped ears, and staple this on the mask’s top portion.
  7. Use the felt tip to make out any details of the bunny ear
  8. Use the straws to make whiskers for your bunny; taping it on either side of the nose would be ideal
  9. Make holes on both sides of the mark and tie the elastic, depending on the circumference of the head it is supposed to fit snugly on
  10. The bunny mask is now ready

The Egg feather bowl

Easter Feather Bowl

Image by nancy waldman via Flickr

Here is another interesting activity that your kids would enjoy - the egg feather bowl. The things you need for making this:

  • A small basket made of plastic or cane
  • Craft glue
  • Paint brush
  • Paper plate to place the basket
  • Feathers
  • Wool

 A very simple thing your kids can do, with a little bit of guidance:

Smear the craft glue all over the basket and cover the entire outer portion of the basket with wool. Line the inner portion with the basket and place your Easter eggs on it. Just make sure the glue doesn’t dry before you wrap the wool over it entirely. Different colored features would make it look absolutely lovely. 

Celebrating Easter in your area with your Children:

If you live near a farm, then indulge in a farm visit, this would be really enjoyable for the children and for you, because it is relaxing and fun-filled. You can have a picnic as well if the owners are alright with it. This is a good opportunity for children to observe all the animals and learn how they are cared for. You can even arrange for an organized egg hunt to make it more exciting. 

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Fun Easter Activities

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