About Child Modeling: How to Do it Right

About Child Modeling:how to do it right

Heard of Kristina Pimenova?

She was recently touted as the most beautiful girl in the world. She is already a supermodel and has been modeling for various companies since 3.

If you want to get your child interested in modeling then you've got to start early. Here are some child super models who earn in five and six figures - Kristina Pimenova (Crew, Macy's, JC Penney and so on ), Baylor and Hudson Cryder, Hudson Kroenig (following in the footsteps of his father, Brad Kroenig and model for Chanel), Julian O’Neill (just 7 years old, but already a model for Hanna Andersson, Euroclub Kids, Roberto Cavalli Kids, Vogue Bambini, Toys R Us and more.

It is not necessary for your child to have a strong fashion heritage in order to become a model. You've got to be proactive here - meaning, you've got to make things happen rather than wait for it to happen.

Children are cute, innocent and lovable and they are likely to be chosen as models if you are ready for it. So here's how you do it right:

Does your child have it in her?

Child Model

As said earlier, children as a rule are cute and lovable and if they endorse a product, chances are high that people will be convinced and converted. This is the main reason why advertising agencies sign up for child models whenever they have to market a product that is remotely related to children. Having a child in the picture will increase the brand image and identity.

So does your child have the personality and the temperament to become a model?

If your child likes having people around her and doesn't shy away from strangers, then that's a good thing. Certain children do not like to be photographed because they get cranky when they see all those high powered lights. Such children will have to be photographed in natural light.

If your child is comfortable around strangers, can take instructions from them, happy in front of studio lights and can sit obediently for a few hours at a stretch, then modeling would be good for her.

Are you ready for it?

Turn the tables. Your child is an absolute doll in front of the camera and she loves having her pictures taken and behaves like a born model. But are you ready for it?

This is a field where you have to make sacrifices, sometimes. Can you take your child through this path and be happy, not just because your child is happy but because you are?  

Most of the work is done by the parent, which is why it is important that you be happy and prepared. You might have to relocate, especially when you live in a town where opportunities are limited. If you really feel that relocation would improve her chances of becoming a successful model, then do it by all means. But she should be able to make good money for relocation to become a feasible option.

Your child should have a portfolio

Your child should have a portfolio

If you want to introduce your child into modeling, she should have an impressive portfolio. Of course, you don't have to spend a fortune for these pictures.

Visit a reputed child modeling agency and they will help you find a photographer who will click the best angles of your child. It all lies in the pictures, so make sure the portfolio is professional and impressive.

Contact a credible agency

You must have noticed the earlier used adjective for a modeling agency - reputed (in the earlier paragraph). A modeling agency has to be credible too, apart from other attributes like professional, experienced and so on. Never do business with an agency that asks for money to get your child to model for ad films. Nor should you accept peanuts as remuneration.

If your child is a professional model, she should get entry-level remuneration, depending, of course, on the budget of the company and the extent of campaign. There is a limited industry standard remuneration that you must get. Only a credible and reputed agency will give your child the exposure she needs.

You can ask your friends or visit the social media for recommendations on partnering with the right modeling agency.

Agency takes a share

kids fashion Modeling

Modeling agencies earn a commission on every modeling job your child takes on. The commission amount of course, varies from agency to agency, but you must be ready to pay for what it takes.

Once your child's portfolio is ready, the agency will put it up on their website to help your child get maximum exposure. You can also contact them from time to time to find whether they have put forward your child's photos for casting.

Of course, you will hear from the agency when your child has been shortlisted for any ad, and when she makes the final cut, the pictures shot by the agency will be handed over to the concerned company. For example, if your child shoots for an ice cream company, then the pictures will be their copyright protected property.

Handling the money and subsequent fame

Child Model - Handling the money and subsequent fame

If your child becomes a successful model, she might earn a lot of money. Keep the amount of money she makes a guarded secret and invest it wisely.

If you lavish her with gifts and buy her expensive toys and gadgets, she would not learn the value of money. Inform her of the investments you are making, teaching her the value of saving.


She might have to miss a few days of lessons if she is under any contract of a modeling agency that requires her to be present for the shoot. You must be prepared for that.

Most of the time, agencies are under pressure to get the work done, so several people might be making the compromises to be present for a shoot; you have to be willing as well.

The ideal age for starting modeling is 3 to 12. And now, you may wonder how an agency would select your child from so many beautiful kids in their list. If your child has the spark, an easy going personality and a shining smile, then her chances are really high.

Remember, it will be a bumpy ride, and a jolly one, but you won't get hurt and there will be no rude shocks if you are prepared. Most people quit after the initial hiccups, but if you understand the industry well, you will be able to brave it all and make your child one of the best models in the world of popular child models.

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About Child Modeling:How to Do it Right

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