Fashion Style Guide for Your Little Fashionista - Infographic

Fashion Style Guide for Your Little Fashonista

Little girls can be quite the dazzling divas when they are in the mood to dress up. Be it a birthday party they are invited to or a play date with a friend, girls have an innate desire to look pretty and feel good.

There's no dearth of options when it comes to dressing up the little ladies. From trendy designer dresses to fashionable accessories, girls have a variety of outfits at their disposal that they can mix and match depending on the occasion.

The highlight is always the dress, so it's essential to pick the right one based on what the event is, what kind of material would suit the season, and whether the child would be comfortable in it for the required duration.

Matching footwear with the purse is always considered fashionable. You could pick shoes that go with the dress, and add on a kiddie bag for the child to hold all her goodies. A lightweight, whimsical watch will add to the look and help older kids keep track of time.

There's a diverse range of hair accessories that girls can choose from for their hair do. Hair bands, bows, beads, and tiny clips come in different colors and can be coordinated with the color of the dress as well. Children can also wear pretty matching hats to go with their dresses and protect them from the heat in the summer months.

The queen of all accessories is obviously jewelry. While children don't need to be adorned from head to top, a few statement pieces will make the outfit stand out and give an air of subtle elegance. You could choose a matching jewelry set that include chains, bracelets, earrings and even rings if the child is old enough.

All in all, it's not just the outfit that makes a girl look fabulous but the way she feels in them. Here's an infographic with all the key fashion elements that you can incorporate as you dress up your little princess.

Fashion Style Guide for Your Little Fashionista - Infographic

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