Travel Wear Tips for Children

Travel Wear Tips for Children

Some people say you’ve got to travel light. But for parents with babies and young kids, traveling light is often a distant dream. Tiny as they are, you may have often wondered at the amount of clothes and accessories they would need while traveling.

Irrespective of whether you are going for a few days or a long vacation, there are some things you just cannot avoid when you are traveling with children, and that often makes you travel heavy. The article talks about how you can pack wisely and ensure the clothes that you take along are comfortable and practical. 

With experience, you will learn how to pack and travel light. Here are some simple tips for packing Kid's clothing while travelling:

 Get Neutral Colors 

Children may need to wear more than 2 sets of dresses a day, especially if they are visiting a place where they have lots of friends to play with. Clothes (and your baby, of course) might get all sweaty and dirty that you will need to change their dresses at least once in a day, apart from the regular nightwear.

Packing neutral colors would be better because you can mix and match the dresses that you already have. This is much more convenient than bright-colored dresses. 

 Packing Wrinkle Free Dresses 

Wrinkle Free Dresses

Dresses with less wrinkles or wrinkle-free dresses are ideal for travel. If you want to pack a travel iron, good enough, but that calls for extra luggage. And do your children really care that their clothes need ironing? It is parents who are particular about the state of the dresses their children wear, so for your sake alone, wrinkle-free dresses are ideal.

 Sun Protection Clothing or Fabric 

If you are traveling to a sunny place, ensure your child has sufficient summer protection clothing. Fabric that block UV rays are easily available, but when you shop, you must get summer protection clothing for your kids that provides ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) as well.

If the fabric in the clothing blocks 98% of ultraviolet rays, it would be a good thing.Clothes that are rated from 15 to 50+ UPF rating would be perfect and they will not fade away through sweating or washing.

 Clothing that Wick away Moisture 

Clothing that wick away moisture

When you are traveling to some place hot, it is natural that your child will sweat profusely. Get them to wear vests that insulate well and fleece tops. Those care well insulated and can even wick moisture. A bad side to fleece tops is that it could be bulky. If you are traveling to a place where it is rains, then pack along wool sweaters along with raincoats. 



Depending on where you are travelling to, remember to pack hats. There are so many different kinds of hats available in the market – wide brimmed hats, bowler hats, beanie hats, Fedora hats, floppy straw hats, ivy caps, trilby hats and so on.

 Tips while Traveling in a Plane

While traveling with young children on a plane, it is wiser to dress them in comfortable clothes like cotton, stretch leggings or sweat pants. Some parents dress their babies in pajamas to ensure they are comfortable. But remember not to dress them in anything too tight because when traveling, tight clothes might make them cranky and ‘barfy’.

The material of the clothes must be chosen with care and breathable material like cotton would be ideal. If you children wear leggings or skirts made of synthetic material, those would make them clingy after a while. Cotton pants are more practical when compared to skirts. Choose clothes that are not too tight around the thighs and waist. 

Ensure your baby wears shoes with socks. It would keep the little feet comfortable and warm. Only thing is you’ve got to ensure their shoes are easy to wear and remove. This would protect your child’s feet from the germ-ridden bathroom floors and cushions/seats in the airplane.

Carry extra clothes for you and your children in your hand baggage, as accidents and spills can happen anytime. If you are planning to feed your child while flying, bib is mandatory. 

 While choosing clothes for your baby, make sure you pack lots of dark colored clothes as that would hide stains to some extent. Dark colored clothes are perfect when you are traveling in a plane. 

 Points to remember:

  • Nothing too tight
  • Extra clothes for you and your children
  • Clothes made of breathable material
  • Easy to wear shoes
  • Socks to protect those tiny feet
  • Zip up sweater or jacket, depending on the climate
  • Bib
  • Dark colored clothes are much better 

 Choosing material for Travel

Travelling Dress

Breathable material should be the obvious choice while traveling. Cotton is okay when you are travelling, but not all the time. Nylon and polyester would be alright when you are on the road because it is lightweight, will not get wrinkled and dries quickly.

Silk clothes would be good as it resists wrinkles, lightweight, durable and perfect for warm weather. For casual wear, polyester-cotton blend would be the ideal choice. Plated fabrics where you have one fabric on the inside and another on the outside is another popular choice for casual wear. 


Advance planning always make your travel easier. This would help you plan what to take and what not to. Remember to take your child’s favorite soft toys, pacifiers and other knick-knacks. Keep a list of goodies to pack and cross them off the list as they go into the bag. 

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Travel Wear Tips for Children

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