11 Websites For Fun Filled Free Educational Games

11 Websites For Fun Filled Free Educational Games

Games form an integral part of the all-round development of a child besides education. Apart from physical games, the advent of online educational games is breaking new grounds in today’s educational scenario. The traditional rote learning is paving way for game-based interactive learning.

Kids usually get bored learning from textbooks and other formal educational resources. Online educational games not only entertains them but also stimulates their interest in studies. It helps in developing non-cognitive skills like patience, determination, optimism, adaptability, etc. besides improving logical skills.

Online educational games are one of the most sought after choices by kids for learning tough subjects like mathematics and science. This is a powerful educational tool for pre-schoolers and toddlers. With visually appealing animation and graphics, these games act as a supplement to classroom learning.

Moreover, educational games create a “virtual world”. For example, an online astronomy game re-creates an animated solar system, galaxies, stars and planets and an astronaut. When children play the game, they reinforce the basic aspects of the universe that they learn in the classroom. It helps them to grasp facts easily and quickly.

There are a number of websites that regales children with free, good quality, fun-filled educational games. Check out this list…

1. Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software

An extraordinary website, Sheppard Software has lots of educational games, quizzes and activities that cover a wide range of subjects. This site has online games for children of all ages and is designed with varying difficulty levels. Math, language, animals, chemistry, geography, history are some of the areas included in the games. An exclusive section is ‘USA 4 Kids’ for elementary school children.

 2. Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders hosts a number of educational games that will strengthen math and language skills for elementary kids. Geography games are also present. Each game has a special name with cartoon characters and a small number of competitors, just like in a typical video game. There are separate sections for basic mathematical operations, integers, decimals, fractions, algebra, spelling, etc.

3. FunBrain


A popular website for children upto the 8th grade, FunBrain brings to your kids funny and fascinating games that will incite an interest in Maths and English. The site is packed with number games, word games, matching games, playground games, online books and puzzles. Depending on your child’s grade, he can choose the difficulty levels.

4. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

For your little genius, National Geographic Kids is the best stopover for satiating his curiosity about the wonders of the world. Loaded with amazing graphics and beautiful pictures, the site is a treasure trove of knowledge. It has a wide spectrum of memory games, personality quizzes, funny fill-in games, etc. All these are centered around areas like geography, history, music, cities, animals, sports, space, inventions and even Greek gods!

5. Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids

Does your child know which is the oldest breed of dog in the world? What is a white dwarf? This and many more such interesting facts can be learned from Discovery Kids. The site has games, puzzles, quizzes and virtual worlds  that provides quality information about dinosaurs, sharks, pets, science, space and many more. Some of the games are paid ones.

6. PBS Parents

PBS Parents

Don’t be surprised by the name of the website! PBS Parents is a subsidiary of the famous TV network, PBS Kids. Even though it focuses on parenting ideas and tips, there is a kids section that has educational games, printables, coloring activities and mobile apps. Science games, math games, music games and reading games are sure to entice your child as they feature popular PBS characters.

7. Scholastic Games

Scholastic Games

The games segment of Scholastic consists of two subsections – Family Playground for kids aged 3-7 and Stacks for kids aged 8-12. Popular games series like Magic School Bus, Wordgirl, Astroblast and Clifford are the site’s main attractions. Numerous other games are there that improves your child’s reading, writing, concentration and logical skills.

8. ABCya.com


This student friendly website has educational games and apps for pre-kindergarten kids through 5th graders. Games focuses mainly on building basic math and language skills. There are additional games based on holiday themes and  strategy. All the games and apps of ABCya.com have been approved by certified teachers

9. Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids is a fun packed educational website that your kids will simply adore! It has exciting games, lessons, songs that span different categories like  maths, language arts, science, animals and nature, music, keyboarding, geography, etc.

10. Primary Games

Primary Games

A website brimming with a lot of educational games and puzzles that spans different categories. The presence of cute animated cartoon characters will enlighten your kids. Math games, skill games, sports games, reading and strategy puzzles, cookery games and virtual worlds are some of the highlights of Primary Games.

11. PhyFun


This is an educational website devoted exclusively to physics. The games test the cognitive and problem solving abilities of your child. PhyFun has a lot of puzzle based games that will help your child reinforce the various principles of physics.

It’s sometimes difficult to motivate kids to study. Some kids may develop a lethargy towards certain subjects. Cramming them with just textbook knowledge will do no good. Teachers can devote some time, say an hour out of the daily class time table for educational games. Then look, kids will simply love studies like never before!

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11 Websites For Fun Filled Educational Games

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