Yellow and Red Spaghetti Dress

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Yellow and red are an irresistible combination young sweeties cannot resist. This nightwear is going to be her most favorite one. The red button on the bow of the spaghetti strap accentuates the beauty of this dress several times over.

Size Available: 20/XL
Style: Yellow and Red Spaghetti Dress
Length: Knee Length
Colour: Yellow and Red
Material: Knitted Cotton
Product Code: TNM/ND/7

Size Chart 

Size Age Dress Chest Dress Length
16/M 6 months 16 inches Knee length
18/L 1 Year 18 inches Knee length
20/XL  2 Years 20 inches Knee length
22 3 Years 22 inches Knee length
24 4 Years 24 inches Knee length
26 5 - 6 Years 26 inches Knee length

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